Why travelling again?

What shall I say? To make things short: Well due to my current situation giving free rein to my adventure spirit is possible – that is what lets me hit the road again.
Though I won’t call it travelling since I don’t know for how long it will be.

Furthermore I didn’t want to hitchhike – it’s too fast. In addition I wanted to prove myself as very simple bicycle tourer. Last time (712km from Karlsruhe to Berlin) the most professional piece of my simple used bike was the back tire that seemed quite stable. But having arrived in Berlin it had a major problem after further 40km. Of course I had panniers and a cyclometer, but no special clothes or something – swimming pants and T-Shirt.

Now I have better equipment: A hub dynamo, a new back wheel with nice spokes and good hub, panniers for the front with carrier, power supply with USB, and tires by Schwalbe – these are the luxury products treated the still used bike with.
Apart there’s some extended camping equipment: A cooker, pots and I bought a new tent, pop-up tent. Pitching the old one lasted 15min, which is still okay. But firstly the old one is 5 years old and a pop-up tent seems to be a good alternative (had been replaced after 3 months though). Especially when second it is raining – then even 5min for pitching a tent is too much.
The complete list of my equipment can be found >>here<<.

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