Sosnivka – Kamyanets-Podilskyi (Ukraine), 31.5 – 4.6, 1337km

Sosnivka – Kamyanets-Podilskyi (Ukraine), 31.5 – 4.6, 1337km

**Welcome to the bad roads**

On Tuesday, on day before June started, I finally hit the road to Kamyanets-Podilskyi and left lovely Sosnivka. I started at 12.30 and Sava accompanied me to the main street, where I was soon confronted with the Ukrainian quality of their streets. They are really worse than Polish ones and even brand new parts have already little bumpers. Unfortunately the weather was also not the best and I had to take cover in a bus stop for at least one hour.

My destination for that day was Svirzh, where L. from Cracow reconditioned a Polish cemetery 11 years ago. I told her to send some photos of how it looks now. I arrived at 9pm so I postponed the cemetery to the next day but drove around to buy 10 eggs to add to my pasta and pitched my tent near the castle.

The next morning I went to the cemetery. By the time it was covered with trees and plants so it looked like from a fairy tale. After one hour strolling around, I started a daily tradition: I got 1.5l fresh milk from the cow. When I asked for the price the man started to become angry and even gave me some bread for free. So from there on every morning I went to a village and asked if I can buy homemade milk or/and bread when it was empty. Sometimes I paid, sometimes people gave it to me for free.

On Thursday I wanted to buy some honey (homemade of course) and was even treated with a little dinner, that was really great because I didn’t have possibilities to cook that day. In the afternoon it started raining – fortunately not heavily – but when it got dark I still didn’t find a place to stay. In the end I decided for an option that I usually try to avoid: Sleeping near other people’s houses. There was an empty building next to the main street in a village (Orinin) where I put my mattress on the floor so at least I didn’t need to worry about the bad weather.

On Friday I rode very relaxed to Kamyanets-Podilskyi, bought milk and one kilo of strawberries (0.60€) and sat down near the castle with a view on it and the city.
I stayed in Kamyanets for two nights, strolled around a bit and was happy not to ride on bad roads. The main time I spent in the castle, because my host Oleg was working there.

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