Berlin – Cracow, 18.4.-24.4. – 622km

Berlin – Cracow, 18.4.-24.4. – 622km

**Let it bike!**

On Monday I began with my journey. My first stop was supposed to be beautiful Cracow in Southeastern Poland.

My destination of the first day was just somewhere across the border in Poland. I just rode 113km, but I didn’t want to go to fast the first day but to see how I get along with everything. That’s why I pitched my tent near a village, where I was shopping in my favourite Polish supermarket Biedronka.

But to arrive on Friday in Cracow I had to cycle more kilometres the following days. The weather was OK during the day, but at night I was always freezing a bit. On Tuesday it was even raining in the evening, so I had to prepare my dinner (noodles with pepper and tomato sauce) when it was nearly dark.

Since I wanted to arrive fast, I took national highways that were mostly in a good condition.Riding on the hard shoulder was of course the best. The worst were the appearances of corrugations, cracks, potholes and tree shades on the edge of the road because the latter made the other nearly invisible. But the Polish driver are really understanding.

After I rode very good 150km on Wednesday and took a lunch break in Wroclaw, my knee started to hurt on Thursday. I was also stopped by police but they only wanted to see my ID – I didn’t drive too fast.
But Thursday became longer and longer and I didn’t find a place to sleep so I had to keep going with my pain. Finally I found a way across the highway and then slept right next to a cemetery 75km before Cracow.

There I arrived at 2pm the next day and had a great weekend. The city is really beautiful and I was happy to spent the few days in company of L.

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