Rosdilna – Sosnivka (Elektritschka) – Berlin, 2347km, 1.7 – 12.7

Rosdilna – Sosnivka (Elektritschka) – Berlin, 2347km, 1.7 – 12.7

**Just the normal Elektrichaka craziness**

On Friday I began with my elektrichka trip from Rozdilna (near Odessa) to Sosniva. In total I boarded 9 trains and was only once – but that very rudely – charged for my bicycle. The other times I could take it for free. But it was very arduous to put inside the wagon: The difference in height is about one meter (3.3ft) and the stairs are vertical.
I also tried to get to Transnistria to Tolik once again. But the border crossing I cycled to was only a bilateral one – for Ukrainians and Moldovans, so I wasn’t allowed to pass. Nearby I asked for milk which I didn’t get but the old couple was very curious and were talking and asking a lot that I nearly missed my next train. In the end they even wanted me to marry their daughter.
I spent the night at a small pond. Fortunately the man I asked if that would be okay some public officer and told me a couple of time I just have to say his name if I get in any trouble and that will be it. To me it sounded that he’s working for the mafia than some government agency, but in Ukraine it seems there’s a fine line between these two. Anyway that man was really helpful, brought me fresh milk the next morning and even came at 10pm to check if I was okay. (In addition he called when I was already in Sosnivka.)

Saturday I got to Khmelnytskyi and slept at Sergey’s and his wife’s place where they sang Ukrainian folk songs in the evening. Initially I wanted to continue on Sunday but decided to make a little excursion by bike with friends of Sergey.

So on Monday I started with the last leg of my elektrichka journey via Ternopil and Lviv to Sosnivka. I was happy to be there again. On Saturday was the a party for Ivan who would soon start to go to Lisbon with Sava, Sasha and another friend.
After the final of the Euro2016 I hitchhiked back to Berlin on Monday. It was smooth and I got a direct ride from Lviv 850km to Poznan. It took me 22 hours but I forgot my special hitchhiking sign in Lviv.

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