Targu Mures – Cluj – Alba Iulia, 3169km, 19.8 – 25.8.2016

Targu Mures – Cluj – Alba Iulia, 3169km, 19.8 – 25.8.2016

**A little tour to little towns**

On Friday, 19th August, I spent the morning with some maintenance of my bicycle. I changed the break that we only on 30% when I started in Berlin could have made some 100km more, oiled the chain, checked the screws and fixed the gear changing. Around noon I drove to Targu Mures, left my bicycle at Tibor’s work place and strolled around town, taking the afternoon easy.
From Saturday to Sunday Tibor and his family made an excursion but I was allowed to stay on their property. Initially I planned to update the blog, to search for some new job offers but instead I was feeling very weak so I just lay around in the shade doing nothing. In the evening I was better and was invited by Tibor’s neighbour Botti for some glasses of beer and whine.

On Sunday I didn’t hurry and started during noon towards Cluj. I had to get some new honey and was supported by some nice Jehova’s witnesses who had to tell me that but also have me some apples and corn. I pitched my tent on a hill having a nice view over the landscape.

On Monday, 22nd August, I arrived in Cluj-Napoca. I could stay at Slim’s place who recommended my a city tour in the evening and after we sat down in a café with a friend of his playing a fun card game.
The next day I walked around town, to the cemetery that had a lot of burial vaults, on a hill with a nice view of the town… And in the evening we went playing cards again but with a larger group and it was very nice again.

Wednesday I cycled south to Alba Iulia. It was nearly 100km and I haven’t cycled 100km that fast before. After five hours (including breaks) I arrived, having an average speed of 23.7km/h. In addition I broke a new speed record with 67km/h.
Alba Iulia was the town were the unity treaty of Romania was signed in a very beautiful star-shaped citadel. In the afternoon I sat down in a park at one of numerous chess tables to finally update this blog. At one time though some old men approached me telling me to sit down somewhere else. There were enough free tables around but I guess I sat on their standard on which was unacceptable! In the evening U., who have me a place to stay, told me that redhead people still scared Romanians 100 years ago – but this didn’t help me in the afternoon.

At first I wanted to continue my little city tour to Sibiu on Friday, but I couldn’t find any Couchsurfing host. So I decided to just take a detour and cycle via the two highest streets in Romania – Transalpina and Transfargarasan – to Brasov. There will be a separate post that will be more fascinating than this one 😉

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