Cracow – Lviv/Sosnivka (Ukraine), 25.4.-28.4. – 998km

Cracow – Lviv/Sosnivka (Ukraine), 25.4.-28.4. – 998km

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**Icy spring**

First of all: Writing such a blog while cycling only with a smart phone is pretty hard and time consuming.

Okay so on Monday I left for Ukraine. The day was not really nice – it was again cold and even a bit rainy. Now that I had left Cracow behind me I had no plans to stay somewhere, no time pressure. That’s why I took it easy, riding only 100 and a bit kilometres per day.
At 5pm I didn’t want to ride any more and looked for a place where I can stay. Because it looked like raining that night, I tried to find something I can pitch my tent under. I found a place next to one supermarket. I asked the man who stood outside, apparently the owner, and he agreed.
There was also a fire place and after one hour his friends came, bought beer and the fire was lit up while it was already heavily raining. I bought a beer as well, but it was just too cold – even with the fire. It was by far the coldest night with 1*C. But the next morning I was surprised with a breakfast and coffee of the shop owner!

Tuesday was a bit better, but it was a long cycling day. Until 8pm I didn’t find any shelter. Finally I put my tent behind the firemen building in one village.

Wednesday I crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border at Medyka,after some big shopping in the border Biedronka. The feeling of having arrived in Ukraine with only the power of my own legs was really nice. Also it seemed that the number of blooming trees and singing birds was much higher than in Poland. So many people were looking at me – it was a bit like in Iran, but some were also happily waving at me.

Thurday noon I arrived in Lviv and the craziness began: Just to give some news I wrote my German friend in Iran that I arrived in Lviv. She told me then, that two of her workaway guys would live nearby and that she’d contact them; I said OK. And in the evening I took Ukrainian commuter train elektritshka with my bike to Sasha and Sava’s little town, 60km north of Lviv: Sosnivka.

See what´s going on in Sosnivka and on Easter

See what´s going on in Sosnivka and on Easter

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